The D’Arcy Slater Foundation is a Prescribed Ancillary Fund (PAF) which is privately funded with all donations tax deductible. 
The Foundation was created by Adam Levin, partner in Jackson McDonald Lawyers, who has agreed to be the Foundation’s Lawyer.
Carter Woodgate are the Foundation’s Accountants their Services given Pro Bono with Bob Woodgate sitting on the Board.

Thank you to James Brockman who designed our website and keeps it updated.

We acknowledge Frank Lazenby’s contribution and wise counsel as President of  the Foundation Board
from the start of the Foundation until 2016 and his ongoing support as the younger members step up.

Board Members

  • Bryn Harvey, President                                Anthony Lazenby                         Peter Barrett-Leonard
  • Frank Lazenby, Past President                   Voss Bennit                                   Shannon McMahon
  • Bob Woodgate                                                 Alison Caddy                                 Guy Solomon
  • Christina Slater                                               Craig Staples                                 James Brockman
  • Bill Slater                

 Aims and Objectives

The prime aim of the Foundation is to provide Australian youth with a means to realise their aspirations and potential in education, sport, music, the arts and to provide domestic training in all fields.
This would encompass those with a limited intellectual or physical disability.
The Board ratify’s the Scholarship Recipients chosen by our Stake Holders and the amount of sponsorship.

The Foundation Supports

  • W.A. Institute of Sport                                             
  • Guildford Grammar School
  • W.A. Academy of Performing Arts                            
  • Riding for the Disabled
  • Tennis West                                                             
  • Individual Scholarships
  • Goomalling Tennis Club
  • Para Equestrian

Corporate Board