​The Foundation recognises the impact sport has on the lives of those who participate.  Promoting qualities such as character, leadership, discipline, sportsmanship and self esteem.

D’Arcy was a talented young sportsman and a scholarship program has been set up by the Foundation with the W.A. Institute of Sport to provide the means for young West Australians to realise their aspirations and potential.

Scholarships will be offered on a biannual basis to ensure that both winter and summer sports have equal opportunity to be considered.

Nine individual scholarships valued at $5,000 will be awarded annually with the extra two individual Scholarships replacing the team scholarship.

Applicants are required to meet the selection criteria which is outlined at the WAIS website

Applications will be assessed by a selection panel consisting of the WAIS Athlete and Coach Services Manager and the WAIS Coaching Group Managers.

The Foundation’s commitment with WAIS started in 2009 and has enabled 85 Individual Athletes and 11 Sporting teams to pursue their aspirations both domestically and internationally.

With a London Olympian, 2 Commonwealth Games Athletes, numerous Australian and State Champions and many young athletes striving to reach the top of their chosen field It is very rewarding to see the effect our Scholarships are having.

We look forward to continuing our association with WAIS into the future​


W.A. Institute of Sport (WAIS)