Girl Winners

  • Charlotte Slater-Gauci 2019 ( Bennett House ) ( No relation )
  • Claire Bradly ( School House ) 2020
  • Jennifer Crawford ( Henn's House ) 2021

A Scholarship is awarded annually to a boy entering the School in year 7 through to year 12 which is known as the D’Arcy Slater Boys Scholarship.

With Guildford Grammar School becoming co-ed a D’Arcy Slater Girls Scholarship will be awarded for the first time commencing in 2019  from year 7 to year 12 and will be known as the D’Arcy Slater Girls Scholarship.

The Scholarships are awarded annually to a boy and girl who are able to demonstrate outstanding leadership potential, the ability to make a strong contribution to the School and have  represented their School or Club in a Sporting capacity.

The scholarship provides for a full remission of tuition fees and requires a portfolio of the applicant’s personal achievements to be presented.

Riley Heath the winner of the 2018 D’Arcy Slater all round Scholarship commenced at GGS IN St Georges House. Riley was in the top 3 of the Acer Academic Exam, Captain of Sport at Illawara Primary School and the Champion boy Athlete at his Interschool Sports. Riley  plays the acoustic guitar for relaxation and we wish him well for his time at Guildford Grammar School.
 The 2019 D’Arcy Slater  Scholarship winner Duke Secco competed as the youngest skipper in the National   and Open World Mirror Sailing Competition on Sydney Harbour.

 Jack Sutton the 2012 Scholarship  recipient was the 2019 Captain of Bennett House A School Prefect and   received a Scholarship to UWA with an Atar of 97.5

 Claire Bradley from Tamin PS winner of the D’Arcy Slater 2020 Girls Scholarship is one of the first intake of   girls to board at GGS. Claire was a School Councillor and Champion Athlete at the Tamin PS and is a   member of the Australian Ballet School who only accept 2% of applicants.

Simon McDowell the 2013 DS Scholarship winner is a member of the WA Young Organist Soc. And was
Invited to attend the Sydney Conservatorium of Music Organ Academy and the Sydney Organ Competition.
Simon played the Organ at the 2016 GGS Chapel Service for D’Arcy.

​Cassius Hynam the 2011 D’Arcy Slater Scholarship Winner was elected Captain of School in 2016 and spoke at the GGS D’Arcy Slater 25’ Anniversary Chapel Service.

Cassius has won a Scholarship to Melbourne University and is thoroughly enjoying his time there.


​                              Boy Winners

  • Cameron James Dunne (Freeth) 1997
  • Steve Armin Neuwert (Henn’s) 1998
  • Steven Michael Bacich (Freeth) 1999
  • Garry Anthony Dick (Woodbridge) 2000
  • Lachlan James Donnelly (Harper) 2001
  • Luke Ashley Reidy (Henn’s) 2002
  • Brendan Anthony Henville-Craig (Freeth) 2003
  • William John Edmonds (Bennett) 2004
  • Harvey Peter Munday (School) 2005
  • Callum James McGovern (Henn’s) 2006
  • James Stoiche Kerr (Freeth) 2007
  • Peter William Edwards (Woodbridge) 2008
  • Jack Williams (Woodbridge) 2009
  • Lee William James O’Halloran (Freeth) 2010
  • Cassius Joseph Hynam (Bennett House) 2011
  • Jordan Alexander Syme (School) 2012
  • Simon Xu McDowell (St George) 2013
  • Jack Mitchel Sutton (Bennett House) 2014
  • Mackenzie James Hall (St Georges House) 2015
  • ​Taine McGough 2016 ( Henn's ) 2016
  • Hamish Blair ( Stirling House )2017
  • Riley Heath ( St Georges House ) 2018
  • ​Duke Secco ( Freeth House ) 2019
  • ​Ashton Stanger ( Bennett House ) 2020
  • Mitch Kensett-Smith ( Stirling House ) 2021

 Dux of Year 9 Prize 

D’Arcy’s class mates expressed a wish that their friend not be forgotten by the School that enjoyed his contribution.
Consequently Guildford Grammar School provided a permanent memorial to D’Arcy so that his courage and warm disposition might always be remembered.
This prize the Dux of Year 9 is presented annually on Speech Day.  The inaugural winner was

  • James Douglas Turner (Henn’s) 1993
  • Hendrik Bryan Muh Shu Lai (Stirling) 1994
  • Reuven Eli Gordon (Woodbridge) 1995
  • Christopher John Harris (Stirling) 1996
  • Ryan Lyndon Green (Bennett) 1997
  • Gregory David Dick (Woodbridge) 1998
  • Alexander James Grochowski (Woodbridge) 1999
  • Micahel David Bone (Freeth) 2000
  • Gar-wing Truong (Woodbridge) 2001
  • Todd Oscar Stafford Allen (School) 2002
  • Andrew Patrick Dalton Ahmat (Freeth) 2003
  • Robert Philip Palmer (Freeth) 2004
  • Alexander Andrew Poole (Freeth) 2005
  • Timothy Fletcher Chapman (Freeth) 2006
  • Duke Spencer Cole (Stirling) 2007
  • Aaron Ross Goldworthy (Harper) 2008
  • Peter William Edwards (Woodbridge) 2009
  • Tristan Cameron Dale (Stirling) 2010
  • Fraser Allen Pensini (Henn’s) 2011
  • Jesse Isaac Morrison (Henn's)  2012
  • Cassius Joseph Hyman 2013
  • Joel Moffet (Freeth House) 2014
  • Johnathon Choong 2015
  • ​Ethan Peters ( St Georges House ) 2016
  • Terrance Win ( Stirling House ) 2017
  • Stuart Boyd ( Woodbridge House ) 2018
  • Pierce McKenzie ( Harper House ) 2019
  • ​Nathan Schupelius 2020

 Applicants are required to meet the selection criteria which is outlined at the Guildford Grammer School website 
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