W.A. Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA)

The D’Arcy Slater Foundation has been involved with WAAPA since 2009 and contributes towards

  • The First, Second and Third Year Students’ Acting Program
  • The Visiting Artists’ Program
  • The Travelling Touring Party
  • The D’Arcy Slater Foundation Advanced Diploma of Performing Arts

Students applying for these scholarships are required to submit a satisfactory school record, interview and audition.  Financial need may be considered in the selection criteria.

                 The Visiting Artist Program

WAAPA invites many renowned professionals to Perth in residence.  The visiting artist endeavours to work with all students throughout WAAPA giving master classes, workshops and classes.  If the visiting artist is a director, choreographer or musical director and is involved in a show put on by the students they would normally be at the Academy for 4-6 weeks, sometimes longer.

​Great to see WAAPA named as one of the best performing art schools in the world.  A US poll ranked WAAPA alongside the Juilliard School of Music and Drama in New York and Guild Hall School in London. 

It’s a huge compliment for WAAPA whose past alumni include Hugh Jackman, Lucy Durack and Tim Minchin.

Applicants are required to meet the selection criteria which is outlined at the West Australia Academy of Performing Arts website



Following his success winning the 1’and 2’ year DSF Acting Scholarships James Thomasson has taken out the Triple Crown’ winning the 3’ year DSF acting Scholarship for 2018. James is starring in ‘The Importance Of Being Earnest’ at WAAPA.

Jessica Veitch has won the 2’ year DSF Acting Scholarship following on from her 1’ year win in 2017 with Allegra Monk , The 2018 First year winner.


In 2018 WAAPA welcomed Guest Director  Shona Shepphard from the Royal Academy of Dramatic Art to  guide the students in a production of ‘The House on the Hill’ at the Fremantle Arts Centre.  Ms Shepphard is an Internationally acclaimed Director and Playwright and is the Artistic Director of RADA in the UK.

                         Production and Design

The D’Arcy Slater Foundations Travelling Scholarships were awarded to Ffiona Nutter and Bradley Hodgiss.
Fiona took her secondment with the Neal Scanlon Studio’s at Pinewood Studio’s in London creating puppets which was very challenging as the puppets she made were hand sewn using a leather needle. The puppets were for an up and coming Lucas film production which enabled Ffiona to work on the set behind the scenes.
CRC South Africa provided a Secondment for Bradley in Pretoria in a 6500 person  Auditorium at an Annual Conference called Dreamworld. Bradly learnt how to operate and mix the DICIGO Sound Console Range.  Bradley has been invited to return to South Africa twice to program and operate their 3’ Album recording for the 2019 Dreamworld Conference.
This placement has allowed Bradley to get a high profile for international work which is already branching into London.  

                         The Acting Touring Party

Consists of students performing in metropolitan and rural areas.  

​As well as performing in West Australian Metropolitan and Rural area’s the third  year Acting Students travelled to the USA and performed for audiences  including Theatrical Agents which gave them great exposure.

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